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The state of Georgia’s agricultural outputs are peaches, peanuts, rye, cattle, poultry and eggs, pecans, hogs, dairy products, turfgrass, and vegetables. Its industrial outputs are textiles and apparel, paper products, chemical products, transportation equipment, food processing and electric equipment. Tourism also makes an important contribution to the Georgia economy. The state is home to the Granite Capital of the World (Elberton). Atlanta has experienced enormous growth in the real estate, service, and communications industries.

Atlanta Georgia has a very large effect on the state and the Southeast. Atlanta is an ever growing addition to tourism, communications, industry, transportation and government.

Industry in the state is now quite diverse. Major products in the mineral and timber industry include a variety of stones, pines, clays and sands. Grorgia’s textile industry is located around the cities of Rome, Columbus, Augusta, and Macon. Atlanta Georgia is a leading center of communications, government, tourism, transportation and industry. Some industries in Atlanta include automobile and aircraft manufacturing, food and chemical processing, printing, publishing, and large corporations. Some of the corporations headquartered in Atlanta are: Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Georgia Pacific, ING Americas, Cox, The Coca-Cola Company and Delta Air Lines. Major corporations in other parts of Georgia include: Aflac, Primerica Financial Services, United Parcel Service, Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid and Zaxby’s.

Several United States military installations are located in the state including Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Fort Benning, Moody Air Force Base, Robins Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Atlanta, Fort McPherson, Fort Gillem, Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. However, due to the latest round of BRAC cuts, Forts Gillem and McPherson will be closing and NAS Atlanta will be transferred to the State Of Georgia Georgia National Guard.







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